Monday, April 9, 2012

Messianic Homeschooling Resources

I got these resources from the group I am on "Messianic Keepers At Home" .This is the link to the site

They have allot of wonderful ladies there, that are encouraging and supportive. 
Books and Curriculum:

Heart of Wisdom
this is really an excellent curriculum / teaching method that you can use with any curriculum written by Robin Sampson. It is addressed to Christians (so uses the names ‘God’ and ‘Lord’) but that aside, I highly recommend it, and it seems to be a wonderful witnessing tool - a lot of Christians who had not previously considered the ‘Hebrew Roots’ are coming into the movement as a result of this curriculum. The book ‘The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Method’ is very good. The book ‘A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays” is also excellent. 

Resurrection Resources Publishing
 is a specifically Hebraic curriculum, which does use the Name. I haven’t had a look at the curriculum itself, but I’ve heard good reports. It uses the Scriptures version of the Bible as it’s basic Bible text.

Celebrations of the Bible
This is a Jewish Messianic curriculum for teaching about the Feasts. Prepare and Pray is a specifically hebraic curriculum. A 36-week unit study on survival skills and emergency preparedness, based on the original text of the story “The Swiss Family Robinson”. Again, I haven’t seen this, but I’ve read good reviews, and I would love to get this!

Celebrating our Messiah in the Festivals by Eagle's Wing's publishers

Torah Resources:

There is a mixture of resources available for teaching children on the Torah portion. The following are Jewish or Messianic Jewish.

Jewish children’s educational site - very good, (but not Messianic)

Children’s Torah Club
Excellent study materials from “First Fruits of Zion”

Club Maccabee
messianic scripture teaching materials
Torah Portion colouring pages from Aish! (Jewish, not messianic)
Scroll down on the right hand side for colouring pages 
Torah Tots educational website for Jewish children (Jewish not messianic)

Torah Truth Worksheets with Hebrew for each Torah portion, written by a homeschool mom. Excellent.

As with all resources, you need to use discernment, and eat the meat and spit out the bones.

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